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Jul 24, 2023 12:00:00 AM | Categories Rediscover the Joy of Skipping: Why Adults Struggle with Childhood Activities

Do you struggle with activities that seemed easy when you were a kid, such as skipping, riding a bike, or jump roping? A recent social media trend (the skipping challenge) uncovered that many adults struggle with or are even unable to skip! As adults, we

  In recent months, a trend emerged on social media showing adults attempting to skip. Some adults came out victorious, with a skipping pattern that would make their younger selves proud. However, most adults quickly came to the realization that they could no longer skip with ease as they did during their childhood. Why is it that things that were so easy as children, such as skipping and hopscotch, are no longer easy as adults?

    When we were children, we often spent several hours per day playing and doing different types of physical activities. In school, we had P.E. (physical education) and recess time to play games and sports with others. A large portion of us would also go to a sports practice of some sort after school, or would go home and hop on the bicycle or shoot hoops with other neighborhood kids. Each day was filled with different types of physical activity, which challenged our creativity, coordination, mobility, strength, and balance.

    As adults, we don’t spend nearly as much time doing activities like we did as kids. Most of us don’t challenge our bodies and brains with new activities such as trying a new sport or learning a new trick. We often get into an exercise routine that is repetitive and doesn’t challenge us as much as our childhood activities did. When was the last time you tried a new sport, agility drill, or balance exercise? I challenge you, today, to add in just a few minutes of a new activity or something that you haven’t done in years. Try skipping, hopping, dancing, or getting outside, and remember to have fun doing it! 

    If you notice that you have difficulty while trying to balance, or maybe your coordination isn’t where you’d like it to be, reach out to us HERE to schedule a visit!

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Dr. Chrissy, PT, DPT

Written By: Artistry in Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness