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Aug 10, 2023 12:00:00 AM | Categories Effective Tips to Relieve Knee Pain for Runners

If you experience knee pain with running, give these tips a try! Included are a few simple tips to level-up your running game. Knee pain, runners, running, cross-training, physical therapy, PT, ABQ, NM, Albuquerque

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Are you an avid runner who has achy knees after going for a run? Unfortunately, this seems to be a common complaint we hear from athletes and throughout the running community. Are you ready to get rid of your knee pain for good? Follow these steps for relief!

​1. Level up your cross-training!

How often are you doing other forms of exercise, such as swimming, resistance training, or yoga? One of the best ways to combat aching or overuse injuries is to move in other ways. Our bodies and muscles are made to move in all directions, and with running we move repetitively and in the same pattern. Running is also a high-impact exercise, which can be harder on our joints. Mix up your exercise by incorporating other activities such as cycling, swimming, resistance training, or yoga at least twice per week.

2. Add in single-leg strengthening

If you think about it, running is just a series of single-leg hops! In general, we recommend that ALL athletes include at least one single-sided exercise per workout, and runners need even more as they spend so much time on one leg. During your next leg workout, try adding in some lunges, pistol squats, or single-leg bridges!

3. Make sure you are getting adequate rest

This goes for both “rest days” and sleeping! Most adults should aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night, but some people do require more to feel fully rested! As for rest days - you should be taking at least one day per week off of running. Try incorporating other types of exercise and active recovery such as yoga and mobility work during your rest day!

Try implementing these tips during your training, and send these tips to your running buddies! If you continue to have knee pain while running, click HERE to schedule a 1:1 visit with YOUR Doctor of Physical Therapy to get you back to CRUSHING your runs!

Thanks for reading! :)
Dr. Chrissy, PT, DPT

Written By: Artistry in Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness